Most of the problems facing women today are caused, or exacerbated, by the ‘women’s movement’.

Many years ago I saw an interview with Germaine Greer, one of the early pioneers in the women’s movement. Someone had made the comment that women could not be airline pilots because ‘what happens if they are having their period?’. Germaine Greer’s response was ‘You couldn’t tell if I’m having my period now could you?’.

In other words, A woman on her period is as capable of doing anything a man can do.

Except that’s not true of all women. I’ve seen women in therapy who deal with extreme issues related to PMS. One asked me, rhetorically, why no-one had done anything about this as it’s a common problem.

The reason is that men are not interested in dealing with this but neither are many women. If you are going to say that a woman on her period is as capable as doing anything a man can do, then women who who have issues during this period are ‘letting the side down’.

But this is just one example of how women are let down by the feminists. Women are supposed to be strong, and decisive.  Women are supposed to be more like men, or more precisely, a stereotype of men that even the feminists don’t accept.

Lets’ look at these adjectives:

Strong. Certainly in physical strength world in general come off weaker than men. The word strong is used in a emotional way. It is meant to paint a picture of someone who who can achieve outcomes. But what about affection, flexibility or compassion? What of women who want to rely on a decisive man in a marriage?  Are they sub-standard? One definition I saw stated that being strong was getting an abortion even if if the people around you are against it. So suppose I’m religious and don’t believe in abortion. Am I strong if I don’t get an abortion even if the people around me think I ought to?

Decisive. Strangely, the qualities that many women dislike in men is that they are controlling – which is, in another sense, being decisive. Being decisive is useless if you are wrong. In itself it’s not such a wonderful trait. Being open to different ideas and opinions is much more desirable.

Although some feminists argue all they want is equal rights, many, ironically, seem to have stereotypical ideas of how women should be. Invariably, this view is an Atheistic one. In fact, feminism and Atheism seem to go hand-in-hand.







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