God is in the Moment

We live on a tiny planet, revolving around a small star on the edge of a average-size galaxy. There are billions of stars in the galaxy and there are probably trillions of galaxies in the universe — many of them much larger than our own. This universe has existed for billions of years and will go on for billions of years. And yet, this moment — the experience you are having now — is unique.

We are not in the moment. We are going over the past or imagining the future. The past has gone. Nothing you can do will change it. Rarely do we go over past events in order to learn from them, usually it’s as if by going over them often enough we think we will somehow change what has already gone. The future hasn’t happened, and won’t happen in the way you think it will. It seldom does. The one thing we have control over is what we do in this moment of time, and yet we give away this moment of time by thinking about the past or speculating on the future.

All our thoughts are about another time or another place. As a general rule, when we think too much about the past we get depressed and when we speculate too much about the future we get anxious. We have to bring our attention into the moment. The awareness of our senses — what we are feeling physically, our breathing, what we are hearing and seeing. And when the mind goes off into the past or the future we have to bring it back to the moment.

God is in the moment. And when you are in the moment, you are with God.

By Philip Braham on July 6, 2018



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