It’s sometimes said by people: ‘I believe what I see’, or ‘I believe what can be proved’. If you are one of these people then possibly this book is not for you. In this book we will see that our three-dimensional world is a very small part of a reality that extends way beyond what we can experience with our senses.

However, if you wonder about the nature of reality and time and why things are the way they are, then you will get great benefit from this book.

The ancient Greeks had four elements: earth, air fire and water. All matter, so they said, was made up from these elements. Nowadays, scientists treat this with some contempt and have determined that matter is made up from elements that are distinct in their atomic construction.

However, this only accounts for matter. If we were to pick out the distinct non-interchangeable components of the universe a more accurate one would be to separate it into matter, energy, time and consciousness.

In this book I will show how these are all related. the relationship between matter and energy is well known; how they relate to time and consciousness is less so.

We will go on a journey through a basic understanding of the multiple dimensions of the universe; through a summary of Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum physics, and into previously uncharted territory.

Although these topics may seem daunting at first, they are presented in a way that you will find very easy to understand.

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