Vive la difference

I generally don’t complain. If I go to a restaurant and the food isn’t up to scratch generally I simply won’t go back. If I get bad service I will usually try to be content and accept that other people have issues. A good friend of mine is the opposite. He will complain loudly. He is probably the worst person to travel with. He will upset airline staff if they are, from his perspective, lacking in service.

Another friend of mine enjoys driving fast cars. When we were talking about cars I said I would prefer comfort over sportiness. A Lexus rather than a BMW.

Another person won’t purchase anything until he’s done all the research on the best product. Even when he’s found the exact model he wants he will explore Amazon or Ebay to get the best price. On the other hand, I’ll often just purchase something that seems a good offer. Sometimes I find I’ve purchased a dud. Sometimes he misses out on opportunities. Sometimes, even though he thinks he’s done all the research he still finds he’s unhappy with the purchase.

None of this is a matter of right or wrong. Differences are what makes the world go round. However, all too often people feel they have to defend their attitude. They see their way of functioning is ‘correct’ and other people are wrong. Maturity is to recognise that everyone is different. Enjoy it.

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