Science and beliefs

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Of course an astrologer would say this is true of astrology as well. It misses the point as to what we accept as truth, and this in turn depends on our assumptions.

I’ve written previously about some of the assumptions that science makes here, but there are some more fundamental assumptions that scientists make when they study the world.

Any belief system has to accept some things as given — there has to be some anchors in the ground otherwise it’s not a belief system, it’s simply arbitrary opinions. So far as I know the only belief system that defines its assumptions is Islam with the five pillars, and leaving aside some rather ignorant people who have told me that science is able to question it’s own assumptions, it should be obvious that scientists must accept some precepts in order to do any scientific experiments. These include:

  • That the universe exists as an objective reality that is independent of our consciousness.
  • That time flows in one direction and an effect must occur subsequently to its cause.
  • That there are 3 spacial dimensions and one time dimension.

Any assumption is so obvious to the person making it that anyone who questions it is labeled insane.

Of course at the level of quantum physics these assumptions are not accepted but it is one of the absurdities of science that although they are known to be faulty, they are still accepted for the purposes of scientific experiments. String theory uses eleven dimensions but these dimensions are assumed to not have any affect on our physical universe. It’s also known that at the level of quantum mechanics a particle can be in two places simultaneously or can pass through solid matter but any scientific experiment that took these assumptions into the realm of everyday matter would be rejected out of hand.

It also seems apparent that consciousness can only be explained in terms of six dimensions, and concepts such as Chi energy are very real even though many people are oblivious them.

Science has its place but science is no more ‘objective’ than astrology — it simply makes different assumptions. It’s also true that much of what is attributed to science is not science at all. Often when an opinion is deemed to be ‘unscientific’ this is not the case — it may not have even be tested in a scientific experiment. Science is often used as synonymous with rational or intelligent. This is sometimes far from the truth.

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