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Many years ago IBM was the big force in computing. They had an advertising slogan ‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM’. In other words, if you need a computer project done and you choose a company other than IBM, and it goes pear shaped (as they often do), your boss is going to ask you ‘Why didn’t you choose IBM?’. On the other hand, if you choose IBM and it goes wrong you would tell you boss ‘If IBM couldn’t do it then obviously no one can’.

I was reading a story — intended to be semi-humorous — about an English couple in their 70s. They were in a restaurant in the US and when they went to order an alcoholic drink they were asked for proof of age ID. They initially thought the young server was joking, but she was being quite serious and refused to serve them although she served their 21-year old son who had his passport on him.

Most of the comments on this were of the form that restaurants are often checked by fake diners sent by the local authority, in order to test their compliance with edicts to not sell alcohol to under 21 year olds. So to be safe they check everyone’s ID regardless of how they appear. One of the comments said that people can look older than they are. Now these people were in their 70s. No reasonable person would think they were under 21. The reason the server asked for ID was fear which may have been self driven or may have been enforced by her boss.

Fear drives most of the ridiculous laws about Covid, and like the restaurant server there is no reasoned analysis of the situation, there’s simply a blind obedience to ‘scientists’ or ‘experts’.

No government dictator has ever got fired for listening to the ‘experts’.

It starts early. In schools, particularly in the US, children are controlled at school, parents restrict their children from any imaginative play because it may be unsafe and people at their worksites are told to blindly adhere to rules without questioning them. Many people who are served with implementing Covid restrictions will, in private, remark on how ridiculous they are but they are unable to speak up because their job depends on it. Others will take great delight in enforcing the rules. These are the people who would support an oppressive communist or nazi regime. They feel safe with these laws because they were brought up with restrictive rules and it gives them a sense of security.

Always, when we examine the reasoning of the Covid ‘experts’ who support lockdowns and restrictions, it doesn’t stand up. The government officials who enforce these restrictions simply say they are following medical advice but they are like the server asking for ID of old people — there is a mindless adherence to absurd rules without any intelligence.

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