The thread that connects us to the divine

The galaxy and the divine spiral

For most people what they think of as their consciousness is really their ego. We are ruled by sensations and the reaction to these sensations: what we like or don’t like. In general, people seek out what they enjoy and run away from what they don’t enjoy. Of course there are exceptions. Parents make sacrifices for their children and we may put up with difficulties at work in order to receive a pay packet or to build up a business. Sometimes we put up with short term difficulties for long term gains.

But our ego is the end of a long thread that descends through our subconscious, through a collective subconscious and a subconscious shared by all living things, into the consciousness of the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy and into the consciousness of the universe and beyond. The thread never ends. It is our link with God. We will never understand God — the finite can never comprehend the infinite — but we are on a journey to travel on this infinite thread that continues even after the demise of our Earthly existence.

One of the tools that the ego uses is the intellect and, particularly intelligent people, use the intellect wrongly. They push it out in front of them, as it were, instead of letting it run along behind. They use it to predict and to make decisions, whereas a better way of moving through life is to use the intellect to understand, to let it run along behind so that it can work out and explain what is happening. And instead of using the intellect to make decisions you use your feelings. As you come more in contact with your feelings and you refine them you become more able to discern true feelings from superficial habits, likes and dislikes. You become closer to living a divine life instead of an ego-driven life.

The layers of contamination that distort the real feelings of conscience and lead us to ‘into temptation’ are not easily removed, but the more it is achieved in this life, the easier our journey is in the lives beyond this one.

This way of thinking is so far removed from what we were taught, how we teach our children and in what the media tells us that that it’s going against a tidal wave that is engulfing humanity. It’s as if if everything that is taught is aimed at moving people in the opposite direction. One way that this is happening is that the media emphasises that our conscience cannot be trusted. We are told that what we were taught about right and wrong is incorrect. People who in the past appeared to be unselfish or altruistic may have been racists, and therefore ‘bad’. People who may be selfish and manipulative are deemed ‘good’ if they condemn racism or they use the correct pronouns when addressing the transgendered community. In fact, we are told that our conscience cannot be trusted — what is good or bad is what the people in authority tell us is good or bad.

And so we are deliberately misled off the divine path.

Run away from the mass media and political correctness. Rediscover the feelings of your own conscience. You may be wrong: you may feel that something is correct only to find out that it wasn’t (apparently — in reality you may not know) but over time you will have the opportunity to refine your relationship with these feelings so that you can rely on them more and more. In that way you move down the thread of your existence and closer to the divine will. You have to go against the tide.

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