My writings on science, spirituality, social commentary and much more. I was banned from Medium despite having thousands of readers and receiving money every month from my writing. Apparently I broke their rules on on discussing Covid. In reality, I was banned because my writings are far from the ‘accepted’ mainstream opinions. More here.

I’ve also written on philosophy and a different model of the universe that explains gravity, entropy and consciousness in terms of multi-dimensions. A draft of my book – Matter, time and consciousness is available here. I’ve also done a series of videos on the same theme, viewable here.

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Latest articles

  • Cognitive dissonance
    Cognitive dissonance has been defined as the perception of contradictory information. I have written about the importance of cognitive dissonance before. In fact, I would argue that it is essential for a healthy evolution of the mind. If you hear an opinion that contradicts the view of the world you hold there are three options: […]
  • On making mistakes
    Many so-called ‘self-help gurus’ will tell you that making mistakes is part of life. You have to make a mistake in order to learn. In fact I recall a business investor who invested in startups saying that he was wary of investing in someone who hadn’t had a business already. If they had a successful […]
  • Problem solving
    I read that a well know entrepreneur (I think it was Elon Musk) said that schools should teach problem solving. Well, schools nowadays teach some strange subjects and have moved away from the ‘old fashioned’ three R’s, so I’m sure it would fit in with the views of many progressive school principles. For instance, there […]
  • The myth of science
    I’ve written many times before about science and what is called the philosophy of science, that is the rules of science, the scientific method and assumptions that scientists make when they do experiments. Nowadays an understanding of real science is becoming more and more important as ‘science’ (or what is referred to as science) is […]
  • Numbers and words
    There’s an old Jewish joke of the man who sends his son to school – presumably at some expense – so that he could become successful. When the son returns home the father asks him what he has learnt: “We learnt that if I have two apples and Greta has three apples we have five […]
  • The holographic universe
    The universe as a brain The concept that the universe is like a hologram is not new. In fact it is the title of a book by Michael Talbot. A hologram is a three-dimensional photograph taken using lasers. Making a hologram A laser beam is split so that one path is reflected by a mirror […]
  • The language of the mind
    There’s a view held by many so-called ‘rational’ people that the world works logically, and if we want to understand the world we must use logic (which is often confused with science). There are two kinds of logic: deductive logic and inductive logic. Deductive logic is of this kind: All fruit grows on treesThis is […]
  • Why Darwinism can’t explain evolution
    The classic Darwinism theory of evolution is very simply explained as follows: Every organism in the process of reproducing produces random mutations. These mutations may result in no apparent affect to the offspring up to an affect that is so catastrophic that it is unable to survive. Sometimes, however, the change may be such that […]
  • The thread that connects us to the divine
    For most people what they think of as their consciousness is really their ego. We are ruled by sensations and the reaction to these sensations: what we like or don’t like. In general, people seek out what they enjoy and run away from what they don’t enjoy. Of course there are exceptions. Parents make sacrifices […]
  • Is time speeding up?
    There’s a perception that some people have that time is speeding up. That is, a minute now seems shorter than a minute, say, ten years ago. Sceptics of course debunk this claim as being ‘scientifically inaccurate’, but there is some evidence of this. In fact, what does the concept of speeding up time mean? We measure […]
  • Micro-aggressions and gender neutral pronouns
    I was recently told by someone that had I looked at her profile I would have noticed her preferred pronouns that I should be using instead of using the words ‘she’ and ‘her’. What she didn’t realise was that it wasn’t that I didn’t know — it was that I didn’t care. Or to be more precise, […]
  • So you want the vaccine to prevent Covid
    Leaving aside the conspiracy theorists, everyone knows that Covid is a killer that can threaten the existence of the human race. We are told that thousands of people are dying daily from Covid and unless we wear masks and take steps to avoid contact with other people the outcome will be overloaded health services and […]
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