The laws of the universe

Out of body experience

Some years ago I was listening to an interview with the atheist researcher Susan Blackmore who put volunteers who could initiate out of body experiences into an MRI machine whilst monitoring their brain activity. She asked one of the volunteers to move her leg on her astral body and she saw that the part of the brain associated with leg movement lit up. She made the comment that this proved the whole thing was bogus because “if it was genuine then the part of the brain associated with spirituality should have lit up”.

I was dumfounded at her stupidity, but then I asked myself: what is the mindset of someone who could make such an absurd assumption?

The mindset is one that is common, so far as I can tell, to practically all atheists. It is that there is the physical world, which is subject to the laws of physics, and there is belief in God. God is infinite and therefore is not subject to any laws. Once we move outside of the body we have moved from the physical to spiritual and therefor laws no longer apply.

The same thinking permeates atheist’s responses to points such as that humans were created with free will. “Why should God have created free will? Why couldn’t he just create humans with perfect understanding and living in permanent state of ecstasy?” Or “Why did God create Jesus or Mohummed (or other prophets)? why not just bring people to an understanding of God?”. And so on.

What needs to be understood is that the human experience is of three (or three and half) dimensions of a multi-dimensional universe. And that even this universe is only a fraction of the reality of God, who is is infinite. I explain this in my book: Matter, Time and Consciousness.

In our universe we experience three spacial dimensions and time in the forward direction only. This allows us a very limited view of the reality and we have developed what scientists call physical laws to help us understand. When we move beyond the three spacial and the time dimension, there are other laws of which we only perceive a distorted glimpse of in this world. For example, what is called the law of karma is a law that takes place outside of space and time as we know it. In the Bible and the Quran, God warns of the destruction of people who reject Him. In fact the stories of the Old Testament are largely how the Jews rejected God and were invaded by armies. The people dispersed and then eventually came back, rebuilt the temple and kept the sabbath but then rejected God, were invaded again and so on. What we have seen in the the last hundred years or so is simply part of a reoccurring pattern. These patterns are due to forces that exist outside of our perception of the universe.

The influence of prayers is in the dimensions beyond our physical realm. It is said that you if you have a certain mindset you will attract money, and a different mindset will keep you in poverty. The affect of the state of mind on the actions of the world is not understood at all by science as it takes place outside of the universe that most people experience.

In my article When I rejected the beliefs of my parents, I mention the synchronicity of a truck arriving at a bus stop I was at. Something that was outside of time as we know it.

Atheists don’t bother to understand these forces because they start from the assumption that there is nothing to understand. So having made up their minds, they have closed themselves off to real understanding.

God has sealed their hearts and their hearing, and over their eyes is a veil; and awesome suffering awaits them.

Quran 2:7

Phil Braham 10 November 2021




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